Warman teen in attempted murder case may be out this week

The defense is requesting a pre-release report for a 13-year-old Warman boy charged with attempted murder last Friday.

Release assessment will be presented Thursday

Residents of Warman are still shaken by the violent attack. (CBC)

A 13-year-old boy from Warman, Sask. charged with attempted murder may be released back into the community as early as Thursday.

The teen is accused of stabbing a 13-year-old girl on Friday in Warman, a city located about 24 kilometres north of Saskatoon.

The boy appeared in a Saskatoon courtroom this morning as his parents looked on. The defense requested a so-called "judicial interim release" report for the court to consider before his next appearance on Thursday.

The report assesses the youth's suitability for release and considers such things as family supports, supervision and monitoring.

Depending on the report's findings, the Crown and defense could recommend the teen's release, or run a bail hearing.

Neither the teen nor the victim can be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. 

The youth was arrested Friday night after police responded to a home in Warman, where a 13-year-old girl was suffering from severe stab wounds.

Police said the boy fled the scene, but was tracked down a short time later. 

A next-door neighbour told CBC News he had heard screaming in the backyard late Friday night.   

"My wife went out to the deck just to look and the young girl was just screaming for help and yelled to her mom that she'd been stabbed," said the neighbour. 

He said the girl's mother and great-grandmother rushed to the back of the home to help the girl. 

The RCMP said it's believed the weapon used was a knife, which is consistent with the multiple wounds the girl suffered. 

The mayor of Warman told CBC News the community is saddened and shocked by the incident. 

"I think for the most part people are respecting the situation and the family, and I think they're just waiting to see how the story unfolds," said Sheryl Spence.

By midday Monday, teens in the community were taking to facebook and other social media to talk about the case. Individuals were posting photos of a boy they believed to be the accused, and pictures of the girl they say sustained the wounds.

Police said Friday the girl is in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery. 

"We're just very, very thankful that the young lady is doing well and is going to be OK," said Spence. 

She said many youths in the school community probably know both teenagers and will be affected by the news. 

"None of us really knows the situation or what took place," said Spence. "I think that it's wrong for anyone to make any fast assumptions or judge. Nobody knows what took place, and all we can do at this point is just show support."

The Prairie Spirit School Division called in a crisis response team over the weekend to meet with principals of the community's elementary, middle and high schools. The disvision is making counsellors available to anyone who needs help.