Warman, a bedroom community just outside of Saskatoon, is setting the stage this week for a gathering of community theatre troupes from across Saskatchewan.

'I love words so I always start with the script.' - Lorna Batycki 

The city is celebrating community theatre week with the Proud To TheatreOne Festival.

"I know that every one of those shows is going to be performed with heart," Lorna Batycki said in an interview with CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning. "I don't think people realize that there are more than 100 community theatre organizations around the province."

Theatre about telling stories

Batycki is a Saskatoon director, writer and stage manager. For the festival, she will serve as an adjudicator, offering critical feedback and helping to choose standout performances.

"I love words, so I always start with the script," Batycki said.

"Sometimes things will crash and burn and out of that something better will arise, but I think the important thing is that you take that chance."

Audience plays a key role 

For the uninitiated, Batycki said there are plenty of pleasant surprises to be found in attending a community theatre performance. The troupes work hard, she said, sometime bringing in professionals to offer feedback and training.

"The most exciting thing really is the quality. You can see absolutely amazing things on a community theatre stage."

And she said that as an audience member, there is an opportunity to give community theatre performers out there on the stage, the energy they need to do their best.

"It's a wonderful, magical unseen connection."

The three day Proud To Be TheatreOne Festival begins Thursday in Warman at the Brian King Centre.  

with files from Saskatoon Morning