Fruit trees in Saskatoon are straining under the weight of their ripening bounty, but much of that fruit is unwanted and goes to waste.

A Saskatoon group named Out of Your Tree is hoping to help solve that problem.

This will be the third harvest for the Saskatoon collective of volunteer fruit pickers. Dozens of members are set to deploy into neighbourhoods across the city to pick otherwise neglected fruit trees.

"I think the main goal is for the fruits to not go to waste," said volunteer coordinator Flavio Ishii.      

But picking fruit is not the only goal. The annual harvest is split three ways.  

A share of the harvest goes to the tree owner, another share goes to the volunteer fruit pickers, and a third is donated to a local charity.  

The members of Out of Your Tree are harvesting this week, but they said there is always more fruit than they can pick and new volunteers are welcome to join.