A 27-year-old Saskatoon man is going to jail after pleading guilty to a robbery that left a local drug dealer clinging to life with his throat ripped open.

The Crown stayed a charge of attempted murder against James Lee Beeds because the victim could not positively identify his attacker. Beeds will serve two years less a day for his admitted role in the November 13, 2010 attack.

In accepting the joint sentencing submission, Judge Donna Scott said "it's true the victim placed himself in high-risk situation" but that the degree of violence was "egregious."

Court heard how three men arranged to meet with the dealer to buy cocaine. At least that's what the dealer believed.

Instead, the three arrived armed with a knife, a hammer and a wrench. Judge Scott said the robbery was "clearly planned and pre-meditated."

The men attacked the dealer. He suffered a gash from his left ear to the bottom of his neck that took 31 staples to close and, as court heard, he was close enough to death that doctors called his family to the hospital.

The robbery netted the thieves $10 and a small amount of cocaine.

The dealer has since left Saskatoon.