A one-of-a-kind graduate level program in Indigenous languages offered only through the University of Victoria is now coming to the University of Saskatchewan.

The Master's degree program would leave scholars with the skills needed to help save and preserve Indigenous languages by working with various groups including schools and government.

'This program is part of a larger movement.'  - Onowa McIvor, UVic

"We are very excited to host our colleagues from Victoria," said Joan Greyeyes, director of First Nations and Metis relations at the U of S.

"Partnerships with other institutions are vital, especially when we share a common goal such as Indigenous language preservation and revitalization."

About 20 students have signed up for the program which will be delivered at the U of S English River site just outside of Saskatoon.

Classes are set to begin Tuesday, with U of S faculty members teaching and supervising the students as they pursue the degree from UVic.

Students to become leaders in saving Indigenous language

"Our vision is to work together with our university partner and the group of students who are already leaders in language revitalization who are now training to become ambassadors and visionaries and to truly lead the charge of the language revitalization movement in Saskatchewan," said Onowa McIvor, director of Indigenous Education in the Faculty of Education at UVic.

"In the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's findings in 2015, this program is part of a larger movement of language revitalization activities across the country."

Greyeyes believes the UVic degree is in great demand in Saskatchewan.