Firefighters were at the scene of another major fire this morning in Saskatoon, this time with four buildings involved.

Don Sawatsky, who lives across the street from the buildings that caught fire, says he awoke to the sound of explosions, "they were like shotgun blasts," he said.

He saw the condo across the street in flames that were "very bright. Like, it was daylight here on the street."

The fire calls started coming in from the gated community at 415 Heritage Crescent on the city's east side around 2:30 a.m. CST.

There was initially some confusion about the exact address, and fire crews had to gain access through a set of locked gates.


Two buildings were in flames on the east side of Saskatoon Friday morning. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Upon arrival, they found flames coming from two buildings at the Lakewood Gated Condominium Complex. Crew were later sent in to two other structures as well.

"Two-thirty in the morning I heard a fire truck go ripping down Heritage Crescent," said Dennis Peters, who lives in the complex.

"I looked out the window facing east from our place and I could see the fire probably 30 feet above the rooflines."

The residential community includes a series of bungalows and two-storey condos that are all connected. All have cedar shakes with fir trees out front.

At least one fire was under control by 5 a.m., although crews continued putting out hot spots in the other buildings for several hours.

The fire department said all residents had been accounted for and there were no injuries to report.

The Saskatoon fire investigator determined the blaze was caused by a malfunction to a vehicle that was parked in a garage.

It's the second big fire on the city's east side in two days. On Thursday, a massive fire destroyed a three-storey condo on McKercher Drive.