Vanscoy mom Michelle Linklater must pay ex-nanny $800

A provincial adjudicator ruled that a Vanscoy mother must pay her former nanny $800 for firing her without proper notice.

Adjudicator rules that nanny fired without proper notice

A Vanscoy woman must pay her ex-nanny $800 for firing the woman without proper notice two years ago.

Michelle Linklater fired the nanny after she believed the woman had assaulted her severely autistic daughter, Jennica. It happened when the nanny was bathing the young woman.

There was no overt act on her part to hurt or harm Jennica.- Adjudicator Leslie Sullivan

Adjudicator Leslie Sullivan upheld an earlier decision by the Labour Standards Office.

Sullivan wrote in an eight-page decision that there was nothing malicious in the nanny's actions.

"She was trying to complete the task and her mistake was in hurrying when she should have been more patient. There was no overt act on her part to hurt or harm Jennica," Sullivan wrote.

"It was one of those situations which got out of hand in a matter of seconds."

Sullivan also said that Linklater had a responsibility, as the employer, to arrange a meeting after with the nanny and discuss what happened. Linklater could have ended the nanny's employment – after giving the proper notice.