While confidential details were not provided, members of the Van de Vorst family made note of Saskatchewan's organ transplant program.

Jordan and Chanda Van de Vorst and their two children died following a collision Sunday morning outside Saskatoon.

Lou Van de Vorst, Jordan's father, spoke briefly Thursday and in his remarks thanked the organ transplant team in Saskatoon for ensuring that parts of the family would live on in other people.

The Saskatchewan Transplant Program is based in Saskatoon. Erin Schimpf, who runs the program, could not talk about specific cases, but noted that one person who is an organ donor can save as many as eight lives. As well, she said, one tissue donor can improve the lives of more than 75 people.

Schimpf said the most important thing is for people who want to be donors to tell their friends and family.

"It is an incredibly stressful and difficult time in a person's life and if we've already had that conversation with our friends and family it takes that stress away from them and let's them know they're helping us fulfil one of our last wishes," she explained.

Among the potential organs that may be used are kidneys and corneas. In Saskatchewan, about 30 kidney and cornea transplants are performed each year.

The crash took place early Sunday morning when the Van de Vorst's car was hit on Highway 11 at Wanuskewin Road.