The federal government is giving the University of Saskatchewan more than $77 million dollars to study water issues across the country.

The money will be going towards Global Water Futures, a research hub that will study everything from floods, droughts and degraded water quality in northern climates.

"The University of Saskatchewan and its many national and international partners will transform the way communities, governments and industries in Canada and other cold regions of the world prepare for and manage water-related threats, such as devastating floods and droughts, in this era of unprecedented global change," said President Peter Stoicheff.

According to the university, this is believed to be the largest water research grant ever funded worldwide.

Part of the research will include helping industries and governments to manage water threats and to reduce water consumption.

The research will also focus on water quality issues in First Nations and M├ętis communities. According to the university, 1,000 boil water advisories were in effect as of this year.

The federal government is announcing $900 million in funding for different university research initiatives today.