The University of Saskatchewan Students' Union was behind a push to give students a fall semester break. (CBC)

Most students at the University of Saskatchewan will get an additional week off this fall.

Adding a fall reading week was a key issue for University of Saskatchewan Students' Union president Max FineDay. On his Twitter feed, he called it "a promise made, a promise delivered."

FineDay said with student stress levels soaring, it makes sense to take a break.

While many students use the week without classes to catch up or get ahead on their class work, others plan ski trips or hot-weather getaways.

FineDay made his case for a fall semester reading week before university officials earlier this year.

Most colleges agreed and scheduled a break in classes for the week of November 10, 2014, which coincides with the statutory holiday on Remembrance Day.

The move, however, will not apply to students in dentistry, nursing, medicine and veterinary medicine.