University of Saskatchewan labour deal kills president's tenure veto power

Under the terms of a new labour deal, the president at the University of Saskatchewan is losing the power to veto a professor's tenure.

Three-year deal must be ratified in September

There's a new, three-year labour deal at the U of S. (CBC)

A new labour deal at the University of Saskatchewan takes away the president's power to veto a professor's tenure.

The tentative three-year collective agreement affects 1,100 faculty members.

"We believe this agreement is a critical step forward in order to place the recent events at the university behind us and continue to build the reputation of the U of S as a world-class post-secondary institution,” said Jim Cheesman, chief negotiator for the Faculty Association, in a statement released this morning.

Ernie Barber, interim provost and vice-president academic, said he's pleased they've reached this agreement. 

“Tenure is a significant career milestone for academics and one of the most important decisions that a university makes," he said. "I believe the proposed changes are respectful of our collegial processes and will bring resolution to this important issue that has been widely debated in recent months.”

The ratification vote for the deal will be next month. Then it goes to the board of governors for another vote in October.