Organizers of LB5Q, an event put on every year by business students at the University of Saskatchewan, say they hope to continue it in the fall, despite a lack of support from university officials. 

Earlier this year, university administrators cited binge drinking, dangerous sexual activity as well as drinking and driving as reasons why support was being withdrawn. 

That caused many to mourn the loss of LB5Q, hosted yearly at a secret location. 

Organizers questioned whether they could find insurance for the party's over 3,000 attendees without the university's support, or a pick-up and drop-off point. 

That's still a hurdle members of the Edwards Business Students' Society (EBSS) are trying to overcome, but president Kathryn Le said the student group doesn't want to be reliant on the university. 

"We're not asking anything from them, just keeping the event off campus," she said. 

Le said the university offered to inject funding into EBSS to make up for the potential loss of LB5Q, but the students decided against it. 

"LB5Q is sustainable for us, so that's why we enjoy keeping the event and trying to find another event like that, so that we're self-sufficent," she said. 

Details of the event aren't expected until mid-August, but Le said this year's party will be very similar to any other year. 

The only difference? Students will be picked up at a yet-to-be determined location off-campus.

And, Le said they'll likely sell less tickets this year; aiming for an attendance of 3,700 as opposed to the 4,500 tickets sold last year. 

The thousands raised from LB5Q goes to charity, or is used to fund academic and other social events. 


  • This story previously said the University of Saskatchewan Edwards Business Students' Society (EBSS) will hold the LB5Q party this fall. The EBSS is exploring its options and hopes the party will continue.
    Jul 23, 2014 11:03 AM CT