Some Saskatoon library workers are worried about their jobs as a restructuring plan begins this month.

Library officials say the plan is designed to better serve the community, but the union representing the workers hosted a rally this week to protest the changes.

Rhonda Heisler of the Canadian Union of Public Employees says there are fears workers will be laid off or downgraded to lower-paying, lower-skilled jobs. She said the plan is far too vague and they have many unanswered questions.


CUPE's Rhonda Heisler is worried about the jobs of library workers as restructuring begins this month. (Submitted)

"I'm not feeling optimistic whatsoever. We're actually very worried and concerned as well that SPL is going to forge ahead with their plan," Heisler said.

Saskatoon Public Library CEO Carol Cooley said there will be changes, but no overall job losses. Cooley said many other Canadian cities have made similar reforms.

"I do understand that people would feel uncertain and I would encourage employees to bring their concerns forward," Cooley said.

There were 20 positions eliminated in the spring due to provincial budget cuts, but all workers were offered other jobs, Cooley said.

The changes come as officials grapple with provincial budget cuts that are affecting the city and, in turn, its libraries.

There are also plans to hold consultations about a new main library branch downtown. The library hopes to have a plan presented to city council in the next 12 to 18 months, she said.