Underwater search for Myles MacIntosh called off

The northern Saskatchewan crew searching the South Saskatchewan River for the body of a missing man has called off its search for now.

Searchers will return in the spring to look for missing Nova Scotia man

Searchers spent Friday and Saturday looking for the body of a man believed to be 28-year-old Myles MacIntosh. The search has now been halted until the spring. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC Saskatoon)

The northern Saskatchewan crew searching the South Saskatchewan River for the body of a missing man has called off its search for now.

Leon Charles, one of the searchers from the Grandmother's Bay First Nation, told CBC News Saturday morning that the crew had seen a number of bicycles and other items in the water, but no sign of 28-year-old Myles MacIntosh.

"We're doing our best. We're trying very hard. We've got the current to deal with, but we're making progress," he said. "If we get some strong hits and we can't reach it from here, then we will plan on coming back out tomorrow. It all depends on today."

By Saturday evening, the group changed its plans. Charles told CBC they plan to return to search for him in the spring.

MacIntosh was last seen at Saskatoon bar Outlaws on Feb. 1, where he and his friends had been celebrating his stag party.

Originally from Nova Scotia, MacIntosh was supposed to get married in Saskatoon this weekend.

Myles MacIntosh was last seen at his own stag party at Outlaws bar on Feb. 1. (Courtesy Saskatoon Police )
Witnesses later reported seeing a man walk out into the river near the Sid Buckwold Bridge.

After MacIntosh didn't turn up, his loved ones contacted First Nations leaders in Grandmother's Bay, who had previously used the submarine camera to search for the body of an elder who had been missing since November 2013.

Charles, who had spearheaded that search, told the CBC he'd hoped the underwater camera could be used in other searches around the province.

"Buying one was an investment in our mind for northern Saskatchewan — or say, Saskatchewan — for us to use to help with something like this," Charles said at the time.