Fire house

Investigators blame unattended candles. (CBC)

Early stages of an investigation into the cause of a house fire near Saskatoon's Clarence Avenue point to unattended candles as the source of the blaze. 

Emergency crews responded shortly before 5 a.m. at a house located on the 900 block of 7th Street East. 

Battalion Chief Dave Pasitney said a family of four was in the home when the fire started in a bedroom. 

All four people managed to get out of the house unharmed. They are now trying to find alternative living arrangements. 

Pasitney said the home has been completely destroyed with damages estimated at $200,000. 

He also said the investigation revealed the smoke detectors in the home may not have been working. If that's proven, changes for failing to maintain a smoke detector could be laid. 

Police had blocked off traffic on Clarence Avenue at 7th Street for part of Sunday morning, but it has since been reopened.