University of Saskatchewan students

The president of the students' union at the U of S is advocating for a fall break. (CBC)

Max FineDay, the president of the students' union at the University of Saskatchewan, is calling for a fall break at the school, similar to the mid-term pause known as Reading Week.

One of FineDay's election campaign promises was to advocate for a break from studies, in the fall.

"If we are feeling stressed, anxious, or any of those other feelings, that really hinders what we can do and what we can learn," FineDay noted in an interview with CBC News Tuesday.

He said he has met officials at the university, who were not convinced about the merits of the idea.

"There was some support, absolutely," he said. "But there was also some folks who wondered if this was necessary."

He said he will continue to work on the plan but added the earliest a fall break could happen would be in 2015.

FineDay suggested the break does not have to be a full week. The university could also start classes sooner to accommodate a break.

The students' association at the University of Regina said the concept is interesting, but not a current priority.