A Saskatoon transgender woman, who was told she might have to wait up to two years before her sex was changed from male to female on all of her federal documents, has received good news.

Miki Mappin said she received word from the office of MP Kelly Block that her case was reviewed and her documents would be arriving in the mail soon.

The 58-year-old came to Canada from South Africa in 1959 and became a Canadian citizen in 1974. In 2011, Mappin started to publicly express her chosen female gender.

Shortly after that, she began the process of converting her male-oriented identification. She went through Saskatchewan's official process for a change of name, so Michael Bantjes was converted to Miki Mappin on such ID as her driver's licence and health insurance card.

Around the same time, Mappin underwent the first of two sex reassignment surgeries.

She was also keen to visit friends in Spain, but knew her passport would need to be updated.

After almost two years of trying to navigate federal government officialdom, she was told her application for a change was in a special section of the bureaucracy and it would take about two years for final processing.