Central and southern Saskatchewan witnessed some wild weather Monday night.

Environment Canada is reporting golf-ball sized hail in Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, 290 kilometres west of Regina.

Loonie-sized hail was also reported near Griffin, Sask., 130 kilometres southeast of Regina.

"If you look at the province as a whole, it was all the same low-pressure system that was associated with all the storms we saw across Saskatchewan," said Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang.

Meanwhile, Saskatoon was slammed with torrential rain. In some parts of the city, 45 millimetres of rain fell in the span of an hour and a half, flooding streets and backing up sewer systems.

Lang said these storms are common, but don't normally hit urban areas.

"When they do hit urban areas, that's when you start to run into problems," she said. "With urban areas, everything is covered in cement, unlike ground, which can absorb a lot more water."

The national weather service noted an unconfirmed tornado near the village of Laporte, in southwestern Saskatchewan near the Alberta border, as well as a funnel cloud near Fillmore, northeast of Weyburn.

"We haven't had any photographic evidence of those, so we can't confirm them," said Lang. "We know the storms were rotating and they could potentially be producing funnel clouds, but until we get an eyewitness account, it's really hard to confirm those."