A Toronto man charged in a Saskatoon nightclub shooting pleaded guilty this morning to manslaughter.

The judge accepted a joint submission of 11 years for Shamsa Noor in the manslaughter of Macdonald George.

Noor was originally charged with second degree murder.

George shot five times in 10 seconds

Noor was arrested and charged for shooting George, 31, outside Scratch nightclub.

Witnesses say George tried to break up a fight outside the club.

This morning, Noor pleaded guilty in the case. 

'It was as simple and brutal as three young men, a gun, alcohol and passion.' - Nick Stooshinoff

Court heard how the fatal confrontation unfolded in a two minute span. It was reggae night at the downtown club and, just before 2.am. Noor, a woman and two other men left the club.

They were all heavily intoxicated on a mix of whisky, rye and rum. Shortly after leaving, the woman with Noor got into a fight with another woman on the street. This is when Macdonald George intervened.

Prosecutor Matt Miazga said George was shot five times in ten seconds with a .22 calibre Smith and Wesson handgun. He managed to make it across the street before collapsing. He died later in hospital.

Noor from Somalia

Defense lawyer Nick Stooshinoff said that Noor, 24, is originally from Somalia and moved to Toronto as a youth. He came to Saskatchewan with friends looking for work.

He says that Noor was out that night partying and did not intend to kill Macdonald George.

"It was an altercation caused by sudden provocation, fuelled by alcohol and passion," he said.

Noor apologized in court to George's family when given a chance to speak.