Timothy Gunn wanted by RCMP prior to Saskatoon car chase

Timothy Gunn faces seven charges stemming from a dangerous car chase through Saskatoon on Wednesday night. It turns out RCMP have been looking for the man since earlier this month after an armed robbery in Lloydminster, Alta.

RCMP allege the 25-year-old man's crimes relate to illegal drug trade on the prairies

Timothy Gunn, 25, shown here in a Facebook photo, is facing numerous charges following a string of incidents that left smashed cars in its wake. (Facebook)

Timothy Gunn appeared in Saskatoon provincial court on Thursday afternoon to face seven charges after allegedly sparking a reckless and dangerous car chase through the city Wednesday night. 

Police allege the man, 25, went on a 58-minute rampage in a stolen, half-ton truck from Rosthern during which he rammed and hit numerous cars at three different intersections, including four police cruisers.

It's also alleged he attempted to steal two cabs and tried to run down a plain clothes police officer on a residential sidewalk.

I couldn't believe it.- Shelly Gunn

The officer fired eight shots at the man in the truck. However he managed to evade the shots and flee again.

Shortly after, a police officer used his cruiser to ram into the truck, stopping it in its tracks.

The driver then took off on foot. 

Saskatoon police said the chase was unlike any they've dealt with before and that Gunn had a long criminal record.

"We were dealing with a very bizarre situation last night and an individual who was determined to cause destruction," Chief Clive Weighill told reporters on Thursday morning.

As it turns out, Gunn was already wanted by RCMP; they allege he and three accomplices robbed a hotel in Lloydminster, Alta., at gunpoint earlier this month.

Timothy Richard Gunn was arrested in Saskatoon following a dangerous chase through city streets. He is also facing charges from an alleged assault in Lloydminster.

The RCMP's public release following the June 11 robbery stated that they considered Gunn to be armed and dangerous and explained "RCMP would like to notify the public that this was not a random event, and was a targeted occurrence relating to the illegal drug trade in Lloydminster."

Many of Gunn's relatives attended his court appearance on Thursday, including his mother Shelly Gunn. She confirmed that her son grew up in Saskatoon and was freed after serving a five-year sentence at Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert.

"I was in shock. I didn't know what to do," Shelly Gunn said. "I couldn't believe it."

Timothy Gunn has been remanded in custody.