A farm group has raised around $200,000 to help ranchers affected by recent wildfires in southwest Saskatchewan.

A wildfire near Burstall, Tompkins and Leader on Oct. 17 burned tens of thousands of acres of land and killed around 750 cattle, for an estimated loss of about $1 million.

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association started a relief fund last week.

President Shane Jahnke called it an overwhelming response not only from Saskatchewan but from across Canada.

"We're pretty fortunate to live in this great province and people like to give a hand where they can and that's what we're seeing," Jahnke said.

dead cow south of Burstall Sask. after wildfire October 18 2017

Hundreds of cattle were killed in wildfires near Burstall this month. (CBC Radio-Canada)

He said donations also include hay and fencing, as well as a large pallet of staples to help fix fences.

The association is encouraging people to donate and is also looking for trucking companies to help get all the hay they've collected out to the farmers and ranchers.