The latest numbers are out for SGI's photo radar program. Thousands of Saskatoon drivers broke the rules in May, but not all were ticketed.

SGI's mobile photo radar units captured more than 900 drivers on Circle Drive who were speeding above the threshold, according to police. The highest speed recorded in May on Circle Drive was 194 km/h.  However, just 49 tickets were issued.

Police say this is because "a violation occurs when a vehicle is speeding above the threshold amount" but they do not reveal what the threshold warrant a speeding ticket.

In Saskatoon's photo radar enforced school zones, more than 5,000 violations were caught on camera. The highest speed recorded in a school zone was 82 km/h.  The actual number of tickets issued to drivers speeding in school zones was 547.

In Regina, there were 1,362 violations on Ring Road. Police issued 538 tickets.

Like in Saskatoon, a high number of violations were recorded in school zones — 3,390 in total with 1,895 tickets being issued.