A four-year-old girl has been reunited with her favourite teddy bear, thanks to Toronto's Pearson International Airport. 

Phoebe Steel and her family were coming back home to Martensville, Sask. after a trip to the U.K. to visit her grandparents. She forgot her teddy, named RaRa, at the airport. Jennifer Steel, Phoebe's mom, said her little girl was upset. 

"On the plane especially, I'm trying to explain we can't go back, it's not a car, right, you can't turn around," Steel said.

She contacted the airport through Facebook. 

"I didn't think it would come back at all, I thought he was a goner," she said.

Within two days, the airport found the bear. Staff sent it home to Phoebe, but not before posting some pictures of RaRa's journey home on the airport's Facebook page.

Steel said her daughter was overjoyed to get the bear back.

The airport also sent a travelling buddy with RaRa — a new bear for Phoebe called Pearson.