A song for good luck: Where Sask. singer goes, hockey wins follow

Teagan Littlechief has been called a lucky charm for the Regina Pats hockey team. They’ve won almost every time she opened the game by singing the national anthem.

Regina Pats told Littlechief she was lucky charm during winning streak

Teagan Littlechief prepares to sing the national anthem at a Calgary Flames game recently. (Submitted by Teagan Littlechief)

Teagan Littlechief has been called a lucky charm for the Regina Pats hockey team. They've won almost every time she opened the game by singing the national anthem.

But the singer songwriter from White Bear First Nation doesn't want to say it herself for fear of putting an end to the team's winning streak.

"They say that but I don't want to ... I don't want to put too much pressure on myself," she told Sheila Coles, host of CBC Radio's The Morning Edition last week.

Regardless of whether she brings good luck, there's something about Littlechief that makes her a popular choice to sing the pre-game anthem for teams including the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Regina Pats and the Calgary Flames.  

Although she adds a little of her own style to the anthem, she said it is important not to stray too far from the traditional sound.

"The anthem is a touchy thing for anybody. People fought for us, for this country," said Littlechief.

"I want to put my own respect into it and I also want to add my own little feel to the song. It might change just a little bit but other than that it's pretty much the same."

Littlechief said she overcomes any nerves by saying "a little prayer" before her performance, and by making sure she can see her five-year-old son when he is in the crowd.

"If he's with me in the crowd I just have to make sure I can see him," she said.

"He's just my zone guy."

The Regina Pats play the Brandon Wheat Kings in Regina at 7 p.m. CST on Saturday.