A young Syrian couple are thanking people for a wedding party they will never forget.

A group of people in Saskatoon organized a surprise wedding party for the young couple. Volunteers donated a dress, cake and photography services.

"Thank you to the people in Saskatoon," said Mohamad Al-Noury. "Thank you for all the help. I don't know how I can say thank you to the people."

Surprise wedding reception0:14

Al-Noury and his wife, Athar Farroukh, were forced to flee Syria 10 days after they were married. They weren't able to record or photograph the ceremony.

So, on the weekend, a group of volunteers organized a ceremony that could be documented.

"I shared it with my friends on WhatsApp?" said Al-Noury. "All my friends saw the video, and they were happy. And surprised."

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While the couple arrived in Saskatoon as refugees last year, many of their family members are still in the Middle East.

Al-Noury's family is in Lebanon, and his mother has serious health issues.

"I hope that people in Canada help me and Mohammad get his family here," said Farroukh. "Mohammad's mother is very sick, she has lost two toes. She needs to go to the hospital, she needs help."

The Canadian Embassy recently refused the family's entry into the country. However, the couple are hoping to find a solution soon.