Life has become complicated and potentially dangerous for people living in a community of acreages at Beaver Creek, just south of Saskatoon.

That’s because the swollen South Saskatchewan River has now surrounded their homes, cutting them off from the mainland.

"And so the water is flooding in behind our house, and around the back of the house. The yard is flooded and our barn is in water, our garden garage is in water," said Beaver Creek resident George Conquergood.

The homes are built up on mounds, so they are safe from the floodwaters, for now. Although the Rural Municipality of Corman Park suggested residents leave, they are staying.

Today, the only way in and out of the community is by boat. The trip is risky, because the current is swift.

Conquergood shared the dramatic story of a boat ride that nearly ended in disaster with Saskatoon Morning. Click on the link to hear Conquergood’s interview with host Leisha Grebinski.