Emergency crews responded to a west-side Saskatoon dental office after a small SUV smashed through the front windows.

It happened just after 9 a.m. CST at Fairhaven Dental at 3310 Fairlight Drive. 

Pat Shevchenko was in the middle of her dentist appointment when she heard a loud swoosh.

Pat Shevchenko

Pat Shevchenko was in the middle of her appointment at Fairhaven Dental when an SUV smashed through the front window. (Britainy Robinson)

"It was like something had fallen on the floor." Shevchenko said. "I got up myself because I wanted to see what had happened and then I heard a child cry. That upset me."

An employee said two people, including a young girl, were in the waiting room at the time of the crash. They were shaken up but no one was hurt.

Firefighters swept up the glass. The dental office is still open for business.