A suspicious fire overnight on Saskatoon’s west side is arson, investigators say.

Firefighters responding to the call, at 1:59 a.m. CST, scrambled to stop the flames from spreading to neighbouring homes on the 100 block of Avenue O South..

They largely succeeded,

When fire crews arrived at Avenue O South, near the corner of O and 22nd Street West, they found an abandoned home fully engulfed in flame.

The big concern was the homes next door.  

The intense heat had already melted away the siding on the home next door, and flames eventually spread into a bedroom and hallway. The heat also damaged siding on a third home.  

Fire crews were able to gain control within half-an-hour, and no one was hurt.

The fire department said, in a news release this morning, that the fire was set between two of the houses. The overall damage estimate is $350,000.