Suspect leads police on wild chase across west side

A suspect led police on a 3-hour chase across the city's west side this morning.

Suspect allegedly stole a pick-up truck and then a Honda Civic in Saskatoon

Police get ready to check an alley with the K-9 unit. (CBC)

A driver is still on the loose after sparking a police chase across Saskatoon early Thursday morning.

The chase began just after 5 a.m. CST with officers responding to reports of a pick-up truck stolen in the Westview neighbourhood in Saskatoon. More than a half dozen cruisers set up a perimeter near Avenue P and Richardson Road.

The stolen truck was spotted and then disabled after police laid a spike belt across the road. The suspect drove the truck for a block and then took off on foot, police following with their dogs through the alleys off Richardson Road

The suspect then stole a Honda Civic.

Police gave chase and then called in the RCMP when the suspect left the city limits. The driver was followed north, and eventually headed back to Saskatoon. 

Police called off the chase when the suspect reached the city limits due to public safety concerns.