Susan Milburn

Susan Milburn was elected to the University of Saskatchewan's Board of Governors by Senate in July 2006. (University of Saskatchewan)

After eight years in the position, the University of Saskatchewan's Chair of the Board of Governors, Susan Milburn, is leaving.

The university confirmed Milburn's departure in an email to CBC News on Saturday morning.

"Susan's term is coming to an end and it is her intention to honour the spirit of the University Act and not sit for more than 9 years," the email reads. "Once her successor is elected in October, she will no longer be a board member."

Susan Milburn was was elected to the board by Senate in July 2006. The university's Board of Governors is responsible for fiscal oversight and administers and manages property, revenues and finances.

In addition to sitting as chair, Milburn is a member of the school's Audit committee.

Milburn spoke on behalf of university leaders in May, on the day when former university provost Brett Fairbairn resigned, in light of the controversial firing of a dean.

Shortly after, the Board fired then president Illene Busch-Vishniac.

Milburn will be replaced in October.

According to the office of the University Secretary, Milburn is also currently a member of the Governance & Executive and Human Resources committees at the university.

CBC News was unable to reach Susan Milburn for comment on Saturday.