saskatoon downpour

Saskatoon's first major downpour of the season has flooded many streets. (David Shield/CBC)

People in Saskatoon are scrambling to cope with an intense downpour that has left many streets inundated.

The heavy rain hit the city around the dinner hour, and quickly overwhelmed parts of Saskatoon's storm sewer system.

"A supercharged, heavy and sustained downpour over the supper hour has resulted in a surge in the city’s storm system," officials said in a statement Monday night. "The City is aware of manhole covers that may have popped off from the heavy rain."

Crews were dispatched to repair popped covers and deal with flooded streets.

Citizens were also being advised to be careful when they come upon pooled water as some may be deeper than expected.

Officials noted that their call-in service was also hit with "a high volume of calls."