A stolen van filled with thousands of dollars worth of handmade crafts has been returned to its owners.

The van, owned by local businessman Luis Lopez, was stolen in front of his home late Sunday night.

This was no ordinary theft. Lopez and his business partner Mort van Duzee sell handmade crafts from Ecuador at a local Saskatoon market. They then send a large part of the proceeds back to the artists.

When the van went missing, so did the potential profits to the Ecuadorian artists.

Yesterday, the van, along with all its contents, was found in Dundurn. Van Duzee said it was good news to hear.

van duzee

Local businessman Mort van Duzee says he's very happy a stolen van filled with Latin American art has been returned. (CBC)

"When [Lopez] heard that the van was found, it was just like heaven," he said.

The pair is flying back to Ecuador this weekend.