Snow showers Saskatoon

Snow showers greet early morning drivers in Saskatoon. (CBC)

People in Saskatoon are waking up to snow covered cars and wet streets this morning, following a challenging week of weather in the city.

Potholes open up in rain and snow

It began with an announcement from City Hall that weather had won the opening skirmish in the annual Spring Pothole Blitz. Recent snow and rain had in, in fact, wiped out all the work that had been done so far to fill potholes and smooth out the roads. In fact, that snow and rain opened up new potholes.

City Hall says pothole crews will start over trying to fix up the main roads first.

Rain causes minor flooding

Then, Saskatoon had all that rain.

This week, the city fielded about 150 calls for frozen catch basins where water was pooling on the streets.

There are about 12,000 catch basins in the city. Crews have been out all week trying to make sure they are clear and can drain rain water from the streets.

City Hall also received about a dozen calls from people with flooded property, or basements.