Balloon lands in Saskatoon park

The pilot of a balloon had to make an unplanned landing in a Saskatoon park on Thursday evening. (Courtesy Joan Jakobsen)

A hot air balloon shaped like a gambling machine ran into a spot of bad luck Thursday evening in Saskatoon.

The balloon had to make an unplanned landing in Queen Elizabeth Park.

CBC has been told the man operating the balloon was forced to land there because it was not windy enough for him to go where he planned.

There were no injuries but the balloon, in the shape of a giant slot machine, did cause a commotion.

Diane Cohoon says she heard a loud roar, then saw the balloon narrowly miss some trees and power lines.

"Everything happened very calmly," she said. "It was pretty entertaining to see because the sun was just setting and you could see the balloon was sort of in relief against the school."
Both people on board the balloon were unharmed, and there was no damage reported.