A 20-year-old man threatening to harm himself is the centre of a police standoff at a bungalow at 124 Avenue O South.

Standoff Saskatoon

Members of Saskatoon police's Tactical Support Unit on scene of a standoff on Avenue O South. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Police said the man called 9-1-1 just before 4 a.m. CST. He said that he was armed and threatened to hurt himself.

Multiple Saskatoon police patrol cars, along with the Tactical Support Unit cordoned off the entire block around Avenue O South. They made phone contact with the man and managed to get their robot inside the house.

Stand off saskatoon

A member of the Saskatoon police's Tactical Support Unit outside a barricaded house on Avenue O South. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Just after 6 a.m. CST a woman came out the front door of the house with her arms raised. Officers whisked her away from the scene.

Police spokesperson Kelsie Fraser said the shots were confined to the inside of the home and were not directed at officers.

Fraser did not know whether the man was making any demands.

Traffic has been restricted and the public is being asked to stay away.

A one block radius has been cordoned off with police tape.

More to come.