Shoppers hit the streets early in Saskatoon and Regina

Shoppers hit the stores early in Saskatoon and Regina this Boxing Day.

Boxing Day means brisk morning business at major retailers

Boxing Day is here and Saskatchewan shoppers are out in force. Here's the early morning crowd at a Saskatoon Best Buy store. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Shoppers got up early across Saskatoon and Regina to a mild morning — and long line-ups.

The comparatively balmy weather made getting around easier. And judging by the line-ups at the cash registers, a lot of people had the same idea.

"There was a huge lineup by 6 o'clock," said Allison Bear outside of the east-side Best Buy in Saskatoon.

"I come to pick up an HP laptop for my daughter."

At around 6:30 CST, Mohammad Islam stood just inside the Best Buy with an oversized cardboard box, waiting for his ride. He said that he decided that he needed a new TV.

"Smart, with 3-D. Big, obviously. This one is 50 inch."