Shoeless redhead, bear spray and cab thief keep cops busy

Police were kept busy with assaults and robberies.

Various suspects in court this morning

Police were kept busy this weekend. (CBC)

It was a busy weekend for Saskatoon police.

It started Friday night when police say a woman with a knife stole money and lottery tickets from a service station, all in stocking feet. 

The woman was reportedly wearing no shoes while shopping in a service station in the 800 block of 22nd Street West just after 11:30 p.m. CST Friday.

She moved to the till and revealed a knife before making off with the lottery tickets and cash. 

An employee at the scene had minor injuries, though police said he declined medical treatment.  

Officers are now looking for woman with shoulder-length red hair, who stands around 5-foot-seven in height.

K-9 Unit involved in tracks

And then on Sunday, a taxi driver called the cops around six p.m. to say he'd been assaulted and robbed. Police used their dogs to track two suspects to a garage. A 24-year-old man and 22-year-old woman will be in court this morning.

The cabbie didn't need medical treatment.

Four hours later, police began investigating an armed robbery at a business on 11th Street East. A man with a knife stole cash and booze from the store. Police tried to track him down with their dogs, but they lost the scent.

Then officers were called to a house on Avenue R South. They say a man had knocked on the front door and then bear-sprayed the people inside when they opened the door.

The four adults and two kids were treated at the a scene, and they're all right. Police say there's no apparent motive for the attack.

Shoplifting assault

And finally, a 26-year-old man will be in court this morning to answer to theft and assault charges.

Police say he pulled a knife on a loss prevention officer in a business on Confederation Drive. The man had been caught trying to shoplift and then took off on foot.

Police converged on the scene and arrested the man a short distance away.

There were no injuries.