Ashu Solo, the man campaigning against prayer at civic events, is offering to drop his human rights complaint against the City of Saskatoon if it accepts his latest proposal.

Solo said he can't accept a moment of silence because it is still an attempt by the municipal government to get people to pray, and therefore "violates the freedom from religion inherent to freedom of religion".

Instead, he suggests a pre-meal thanks with the following wording:

"Let us be thankful for this food and the time together.  Let us think of all of the people in this city, country, and world who do not have enough to eat.  Let us think of those who have barriers or burdens they need lifted.  Let us think of those whose lives we can improve through our work.  Let us strive to use our knowledge, skills, and talents to help all of these people."

Solo filed a complaint last year after a Christian prayer was recited at a banquet for city volunteers.

Solo is calling for mediation between himself, the City of Saskatoon and Randy Donauer, the city councillor who led the prayer at the volunteer event.

Donauer said Solo's position is not new. He said Solo has always said if the city does what he wants he will drop the case. Beyond that, Donauer won't comment because the case is still before the Human Rights Commission.

The City said in a written statement that it has filed an application before the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission to summarily dismiss Solo's complaint — and is awaiting a decision.

Solo has until November 1 to reply to the Commission regarding the City's application to dismiss.