Saskatoon city council heard a plea Monday night to install segregated bike lanes on two downtown thoroughfares.

Sean Shaw arrived at council, armed with a petition with signatures from more than 1,900 people. They're urging council to install "Copenhagen-style" bike lanes along 4th Avenue and 24th Street.

Currently, those streets include painted lanes for bicycles, located directly next to parked cars.

The lanes would be separated from traffic, running between parked vehicles and the sidewalk. Better Bikes Lanes is urging the city to allow enough of a buffer space to allow cyclists to pass unharmed even if motorists open a car door. 

"Unfortunately it's occurred to someone in our city," Shaw told council. "They were doored and sustained an injury that took over a year to correct."

"They were very lucky that they didn't go into the traffic beside them and they at least survived that collision."

Council and the mayor welcomed the idea of testing segregated bike lanes, and asked administrators to report back by April.

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