Family and friends of a missing man in Saskatoon are asking for the public's help in finding the 28-year-old who was last seen at his own stag party over the weekend. 


Myles MacIntosh was last seen at his own stag party at Outlaws bar on Feb. 1. (Courtesy Saskatoon Police )

Gregory Myles MacIntosh is supposed to be getting married in less than two weeks, but no one has heard from him since Saturday night. 

MacIntosh was last seen at Outlaws bar in Saskatoon, celebrating with his friends. At about midnight he was allegedly kicked out by a bouncer. 

Later Saturday night, a man was seen by two witnesses walking onto the the icy river, disappearing out of sight near the Sid Buckwold Bridge. 

Fire crews searched the river both at night and in the morning, but found nothing. Officials say footprints confirm a person had walked to the edge of the ice, but not back. 

Crews had to suspend their search Sunday morning due to the large ice cap over the water, and may not be able to resume the search until spring. 

MacIntosh's family is worried the person may be Gregory, but no evidence has been found by the police or fire officials to link the two cases. 

"The individual reported missing went missing at about the same time that someone was spotted going into the river," says Alyson Edwards, with the Saskatoon Police Service. "Our investigators have to look at that as a possibility."

MacIntosh's parents flew to Saskatoon from Nova Scotia on Monday night, hoping to find their son. 

He's described to be six-feet in height and 200 pounds. He wears a silver lip ring. 

He was last seen wearing a blue suede suit jacket, a white t-shirt and light blue jeans. 

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.