Sculptor Sir Anthony Caro dies, ties to Saskatoon remain

Caro is credited with carrying on Picasso's vision with his abstract metal sculptures. Although he is from Britain, his connection to Saskatchewan is strong. He spent time here in the 70s and 80s working with other artists and taught at Emma Lake's Artists' Workshop.

Caro spent time working and teaching in Saskatchewan in the 70s and 80s

People in Saskatchewan are remembering Sir Anthony Caro, a British sculptor renowned for his abstract works.

He died Wednesday at age 89. Caro played a key role as a leader of the 1977 Emma Lake Artists’ Workshops in Saskatoon.

Caro is credited with carrying on the vision of Picasso through his art.

"You can feel that influence in Saskatoon when you drive around the city, because a lot of those steel sculptures are not made by Caro, but they are made by people who were influenced by him," said Gregory Burke, Executive 
Director of the Mendel Art Gallery.

Throughout the years, Caro continued to return to Saskatchewan to work with artists here.

"He developed a lot of relationships here, and in 1982 in fact, he set up the Triangle Artists' Workshops. The idea was to bring artists from the UK, artists from New York and artists from Saskatchewan," Burke said.

The artist gave the Mendel Art Gallery his permanent collection of sculptures after the closure of his studio in upstate New York in 1997. Many of the art are now displayed around the gallery's grounds. 
Caro’s Table Bronze Lullaby, on loan from a private collection, is on view at the Mendel until January 5, as part of the Rewilding Modernity exhibition. 


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