Workplace reports from the City of Saskatoon show some improvement when it comes to employees being absent due to injury.

According to the reports, over the last five years the number of sick days claimed due to occupational injury have decreased by more than 3,800 days. That has led to savings of $900,000, according to the city.

Officials also said that overall employee attendance is the best Saskatoon has seen since 2008.

According to the city, the average number of days lost is below the national average for public sector workers. Saskatoon workers recorded an average of 7.8 days off work compared to the national average of 10.9 days off work.

One item the city was noted was that, in 2012, 20 per cent of city workers had perfect work attendance records.

Saskatoon has just under 3,000 employees.

The reports also show that the average age of people working for the city is 43.

City also tracks diversity of the workplace

One of the reports released also examined diversity of the workplace using four categories: women, aboriginals, people with disabilities and people of a visible minority.

That report found that the number of visible minorities employed by the city is up but the number of Aboriginal people working for Saskatoon is down slightly.

Mubarka Butt, Saskatoon's manager of employment said Tuesday that the city plans to implement a number of initiatives to improve its recruitment and retention of aboriginal employees.

"One of the things we have started doing is meeting with aboriginal employees," Butt said. "[We need] to get a better understanding of what are some of the challenges [of working for the city]."