Saskatoon work crews hitting the road 24/7

City road crews are working 24/7 this summer to get the job done in high-traffic areas.

6 per cent higher cost, but traffic flows smoothly

Round the clock road work is reducing traffic snarls in Saskatoon this summer. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

The city of Saskatoon is working road crews around the clock this summer to keep major thoroughfares clear, and it says the program is succeeding.

"People are noting that those big major construction projects aren't in their way and it's allowing them to get around the city more efficiently," said Chris Hallam of the city's construction department.

"We heard loud and clear from residents last year that the condition of our roads in Saskatoon was the number one issue and as a result council responded and gave additional funding to our roadway maintenance and preservation program."

The 24-hour road schedule costs about six per cent more than regular, daytime construction shifts. The work gets done in about one-third the time.

Regina is operating its road repair crews during daylight hours, but has increased the number of people working on the roads to try to speed things up.

Officials are watching the Saskatoon experience to see how well it works, and may consider 24-hour shifts another year.