A Saskatoon woman is offering a new fashionable option for medical alert devices.

Serese Selanders has developed ORA, a new personal, wearable safety device that will alert family and, if needed, 911 of any emergencies.

Selanders explained that the traditional medical alert devices usually only work at home.

"Ours are connected to a smart phone so they work everywhere where there's cellphone coverage. People can go out, they can go shopping and go to the mall — or go down to Arizona — and they're going to be covered," said the CEO of Kasiel Solutions.

Not only does it offer more coverage, the ORA offers a fashionable look as the device is embedded in things like jewelry, sportswear and belt buckles.

Connected to loved ones

Selanders got the idea for ORA after her own experience of wanting a device for an elderly parent. Her mother had passed away and Selanders didn't like the options for devices available for her father.

Along with the coverage and look, ORA gives the option of connecting to family members rather than a call centre.  

"And if they're not available in emergency, it goes to 911 after two minutes."

Selanders said the device has been tested by seniors since the very beginning, to make sure the process is simple for people no matter what their technological knowledge.

Orders for the ORA can already be made online, with the first devices being delivered during the holiday season.

With files from CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition.