A Saskatoon woman has written city council thanking them for their efforts in helping to convince the railways they need to alert communities when dangerous good are passing through.

'I was there when my hometown burned' - Martine Boulet-Pelletier 

Martine Boulet-Pelletier lives in Saskatoon, but is from Lac Megantic and was visiting family this summer when a train derailed causing a fiery explosion, killing 47 people. Boulet-Pelletier's sister was among the victims. 

In the letter she writes “I was there when my hometown burned.” Boulet-Pelletier goes on to write “every day I drive from Lakeview to the west part of the city using the new Circle Drive and almost every morning close to the new bridge I can see a train. Instinctively, I count the black wagons.”

Boulet-Pelletier’s letter to express her thanks for the city's work pushing for improved rail safety.  

The Federal Government recently announced that rail companies would now be required to share dangerous goods information with communities along the route. 

Boulet-Pelltier wants the city to keep pushing for better rail safey. She writes "I don't want to think that my sister Marie-France Boulet died for nothing."