Officials in Saskatoon are howling with joy today after a missing sculpture was found in a parking lot at the University of Saskatchewan.

'This was, I think, a first for us' - Kevin Kitchen, city of Saskatoon

The fiberglass wolf sculpture is one element in a piece by Toronto artist Tonya Hart, and was on display in a treed area on College Drive, near Bottomley Avenue in Saskatoon. It was part of the city’s Placemaker Program to bring art to public spaces.

About a month ago, the piece was damaged, and one of the wolves was stolen.  

“Saskatoon has been really good for not defacing or even vandalizing…art, so this was I think a first for us to have it go missing,” said Kevin Kitchen, community initiates manager with the City of Saskatoon.

Yesterday, the missing wolf was discovered by Campus Security at the University of Saskatchewan.

In the end, Kitchen said the ordeal seems to have worked out for the Placemaker Program, and the artist.

"It's a bit of a good news story in the sense that her piece or her art installation is certainly getting lots of publicity and notice," Kitchen said. 

Wolf pack to be reunited; back on display soon

The city of Saskatoon is now working to return the work to a public space. This time, however, they’ve chosen a more secure location for the wolf pack.

The pack is expected to be placed on the roof of the permanent building at the Meewasin Skating Rink in downtown Saskatoon.