Warm weather has meant more work for city crews in Saskatoon.

As of Thursday morning, the City of Saskatoon has registered 152 water main breaks across the city in 2014.

Almost half of those breaks have taken place since the beginning of March.

A colder than usual winter, combined with a relatively small amount of snow has meant the ground is freezing deeper than usual.

Now that warmer temperatures have arrived, the thawing ground is shifting, creating more line breaks.

"It's been a challenge," Water and Sewer Manager Trent Schmidt said. "You're getting a week's worth of water main breaks in a single day, the crews are working long, hard hours, and contractors and our staff alike are starting to burn out."

As of Thursday morning, 23 locations across the city were without water.

The current wait time for repairing a water main break is four to seven days.

The city says it's trying to make the situation bearable for people with no water. Showers at leisure centres have been made available to people.

"We're trying to go above our normal level of service and provide bottled water," Schmidt said. "We're trying to do extra things to make it palatable for people in this hard time."

The city has set up temporary water trailers, but residents are asked to keep an emergency 72-hour water supply on hand.