A pair of Saskatoon urban farmers are looking for a few good backyards, and could save you some yard work in the process.

"Our farm is pretty simple, what we do is grow high quality organic food right here in the city, making use of unused space in people's backyards," said Jared Regeir during an interview on Saskatoon Morning

He's the co-owner of Chain Reaction Urban Farm, which he operates with his wife. The business is heading into its second growing season. 

In return for the use of their land, Regier said home owners can save on yard work or even share in some of the harvest.

'We're pretty quiet, we don't have any tractors that make any noise or anything.' - Jared Regeir

"If they're the kind of people that just want to have nothing to do, like they don't want to spend any time in their backyard, it's perfect," said Regier.

"Often they're often just kind of taxed with weeding or hiring people to come in and look after the space."

There's no work or cost for the home owner, according to Regier. He plans to install meters at each location in order to pay for any water that's used.

He said he's had nothing but positive experience with working on borrowed land, and that home owners don't seem to mind.

"We're pretty quiet, we don't have any tractors that make any noise or anything. We just come in and do our thing and keep the yard looking good and head on our way."