True north: Saskatoon takes title of largest snowball fight

Saskatoon was determined to take a Guinness World Record on Sunday afternoon. Organizers estimated more than 8,200 people showed up to the snowball fight.

Organizers estimate more than 8,200 people tossed a snowball

Saskatoon showed up to Victoria Park in full force Sunday afternoon to make sure that the city became home to a Guinness World Record. 

Organizers estimated that more than 8,200 people came to claim the world's largest snowball fight title. 

Organizers estimate over 8,200 took part in the event. 0:27

The current record is held by Seattle, WA, with snowballs thrown by 5,834 people, that means the bridge city beat it by more than 2,300 participants. 

There was no avoiding the snow. (Kelly Malone/CBC)

The rules said that each participant must throw a snowball and the actual fight had to last one minute. In Saskatoon's record breaking attempt, snow flew through the air for many minutes more.

No one held back when it was time to throw the snow. (Kelly Malone/CBC)

The feat was conceived by members of Yukigassen Team Canada.

Yukigassen is professional snowball fighting and the team, made up of Saskatchewan players, are heading to Japan in February to compete in the world competition.

People kept going even after the minute necessary. (Kelly Malone/CBC)

Ivor Jones came to see the snowball fight with his grandson, Sam.

"It's a bit of history and to see this number of people is really amazing," he said. 

They couldn't actually get a wrist band to get in the enclosure to throw a snowball because the turnout was so large. That didn't stop the fun for Ivor and Sam.

"We've been having our own snowball fight," Ivor said.

Laughter and smiles filled Victoria Park in Saskatoon. (Kelly Malone/CBC)

The event also was a way to wrap up the nine-day Wintershines festival and was organized with the help of Tourism Saskatoon.

People wore protective gear for the snowball fight. (Kelly Malone/CBC)

Guinness World Record will still need to go through all of the paperwork and make sure that it is done and submitted properly before the official title is handed over. 

Initial estimates said over 8,200 people attended the event. (Kelly Malone/CBC)
When the fight started, snow flew everywhere. (Kelly Malone/CBC)
The event was for all ages of people. (Kelly Malone/CBC)
Thousands of people showed up to break the world record for snowball fight. (Kelly Malone/CBC)


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