Saskatoon Symphony tuning up for toddlers

A Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra event is hoping to get toddlers and parents involved in music.

SSO event helps toddlers identify with classical performance

Parents of little ones will know all about Baby Einstein videos. The videos teach children through classical music, shapes, and colours.

On Wednesday, preschool children in Saskatoon got to experience it live.

"You can feel the vibrations of the sound and watch it on the little one's faces when the musicians start to play," Jennifer McAllister with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra said. "They freeze and it's really a wonderful thing to see."

Tanis Lindsay, a parent taking part in Toddler Time, said it was a worthwhile experience.

You can feel the vibrations of the sound and watch it on the little one's face- Jennifer McAllister

"I just think it's a great opportunity to expose our young children to the symphony and expose them to classical music at a young age," Lindsay said.

At this show, each song is given a colour, a mood, whatever it takes for the toddlers to identify with the performance. Erin Brophey, principal oboe, said the toddlers are responding to the music.

"When (adults) react to music it's often contained and I think they do feel the same way that children do, but children are just so exuberant in their expression of joy and energy," Brophey said. "It's a pleasure to play for them."

The symphony hopes that shows like this will get parents considering the classics when playing music at home. The group also hopes events like Toddler Time will encourage parents to come out to some of the regular symphony events.

The next show is April 18. You can see more on CBC TV on Wednesday at 5 to 6:30 CST.